2 Wandering Sal’s – Isle of Wight Walking blog

Follow the ‘2 Wandering Sal’s’ on one of their regular walks around different parts of the Island. Both have their own properties available to let on the Wight Farm Holidays website:

A Thursday in November that started murky and grey, but after lunch had brightened into a sunny afternoon, still with some Autumn colour, we decided to explore the footpaths of central Wight.

Not quite the centre of the Island…as we believe this to be marked by a stone in the grounds of Whitcombe Manor.

Starting at Rookley Green, taking Bunkers lane… a gorgeous track through woods & fallen leaves, emerging into a slightly marshy reedy field, a footbridge takes us across the river Medina, then on across a field to Loverstone Farm. As we climb the footpath to Ramsdown and turn left onto the bridleway which runs along the ridge the south side of Chillerton, we turn to look at the fantastic views across the centre of the Island. West Standen Farm & Marvel Farm in the distance.  The gravel quarry scarring the hillside for as long as we can remember. This has changed hands over the years but was known as Vectis stone, taking its name from the Roman name for the Island.

We followed the bridleway to Ramsdown Farm, with the Chillerton TV mast looming on our right. The mast has been here since 1958.

Once at Ramsdown Farm we turn left onto Loverstone Lane and walk along this quiet lane until we reach Lower Rill. Here standing out on the horizon was the black bull artwork. We decided to turn right and follow the bridleway to get a closer look! A slight ridge in the field provided a good place to stop for a flask of tea and a home made scone… ( No tearooms to visit on this walk) A chance to sit and soak in the views and the peace. We reminisced on growing up in rural Wight, both of us remember spud picking and sprout picking, sprout picking in freezing December weather, no waterproofs, but plastic feed bags tied around our legs with baling string. Hands so cold even with gloves on. Looking forward to a break with sandwiches and maybe a hot drink. Paid for the quantity you picked, so hard work paid off. This memory made us laugh.

The way back took us past Rookley Farm Lodge.  At this point you could divert and follow the track to the right making your way to The Chequers Inn for refreshment. We took the path to the left of Rookley Farm, still in beautiful countryside with horses and sheep encountered we completed a full circle and arrived back at Rookley Green just before dark.